White Gummi


Comes with a free 60ml Chubby Gorilla bottle!

WHITE GUMMI | Is very delicious. The Original White Gummi is found mixed with its sweet and colorful bear friends. So alluring and the aroma so gentle and mellow. Enjoy the taste of Moku Oyatsu’s White Gummi, the soft and chewy candy cloud.

180ML PREMIUM E-LIQUID | プレミアムジュースライン

Made with love in Los Angeles.

This liquid does not contain nicotine. If you want to add nicotine, it can be boosted with a nicotine shot sold separately (here) to create your personalised nicotine strength.

60ml + 1 Nic Booster (10ml x 20mg nicotine) = 70ml of a true 3mg
60ml + 1 half bottle Nic Booster (5ml x 20mg nicotine) = 65ml of a true 1.5mg

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