1.1 These terms and conditions (the”Terms”) apply to the ordering of products (“Products”) from the Exquisite Liquids webshop or otherwise.

1.2 The conditions applicable to the products offered for sales on this website are listed below. By checking the “I have read and accepted” on the order form and submit the order form, you accept and agree to be subject to conditions.

1.3 Exquisite Liquids reserves the right to change the terms at any time without notice. Such changes will not apply to orders that are submitted before the conditions were changed and published on the website.

1.4 If you have questions or comments about the conditions, notices of cancellation, termination, return or refund, please contact:

Exquisite Liquids (part of Exquisite Supplies)    Exquisite Liquids UK (partners of Vivd vapes)

Obrechtlaan 36                                                        211a Crescent Road
9402 TJ Assen                                                           Barnet, Herts
The Netherlands                                                      EN4 8SB
+31628587179                                                         England, UK


CoC (KVK) number: 60962496
VAT (BTW) number: NL854137944B01


2.1 An order may be made online by completing the order form on the website.

2.2 All products are supplied subject to availability. We will contact you as soon as possible by e-mail or phone if the ordered product is not available.

2.3 We aim at maintaining a good quality of the images published on the site, but please be aware that the product ordered may vary in color/design from the one showed on the website .

2.4 If you provide a valid e-mail address, we will notify you as soon as possible to confirm your booking.


3.1 Exquisite Liquids will perform the delivery as soon as possible after payment is received and available at Exquisite Liquids account.

3.2 If a product is not available in the quantity ordered, we will notify you accordingly and you can then decide if you want to order a lesser amount or cancel the order.

3.3 Exquisite Liquids may at its discretion decide to make partial shipments. If this happens, you will incurre in no extra cost. It will only be charged as if everything was delivered together.

3.4 If delivery is not possible within 15 days, you are entitled to cancel the order. If a payment is made, such payment will be refunded by us as soon as possible but maximum within 14 days.


4.1 All prices are quoted in the currency the customer has chosen. The prices published on the website exclude delivery costs.

4.2 Delivery charges may vary from time to time depending on the mode of delivery, and those costs are calculated separately and described on the website when you place your order. The total price listed on the order form is the total amount of the ordered products. If the packaging changed weight from the purchase or otherwise, and the shipping costs exceed the calculated, Exquisite Liquids is entitled to have these costs reimbursed.

4.3 You agree to indemnify Exquisite Liquids for any additional shipping and/or handling charges incurred as a result of your failure to receive or collect the delivery or an incorrect/incomplete address at which it has not been possible for the selected carrier to deliver in accordance with the agreed delivery terms.


5.1 You can pay for products using the payment methods shown on the website.

5.2 Exquisite Liquids provides a secure payment line using an external supplier and ensuring that you always have the highest level of security, encrypting your payment information automatically as you enter it.


6.1 You may within 14 days undo the agreement.

Period runs from the day you received the goods or the first delivery is received.

Before the end of the withdrawal period, you must send back or give back the received goods to us. It is sufficient that before the deadline it has been received at the post office or another company that is in charge to forward it to us. If you want to make sure you comply with the timing, you can for example keep the receipt as proof that you have handed over the goods to the post office, within the deadline.

Unless otherwise agreed, you must pay the costs (postage/freight) for product return. If we have supplied a replacemente because the product as a whole could not be delivered, it is the cost of returning the products to us.

You can withdraw from the contract by failing to accept the goods.

6.2 If a payment is made, we will refund it promptly and no later than within 14 days from our receipt of the returned product. We will refund only the amount received and not your delivery costs of returning the product to us.

6.3 You will lose your right to cancel the agreement if you are not able to return it in the same condition as when you received it, so that the product can be sold as new to another buyer. This does not apply if the product’s condition has deteriorated as a result of (a) the actions necessary to control the product, or (b) circumstances not attributable to you. In any case, we recommend at any time that you take appropriate and reasonable steps to maintain the product’s condition and that you make sure that the product is returned safely to us.

Besides the right to cancel the order, you also have other rights, if the product is damaged or defective. See also below under the section 7.4.

6.4 Complaints regarding failure of the product must be notified within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect. We recommend that you send your complaint in writing to Exquisite Liquids at the email listed below in section 1.5.

6.5 If the complaint is justified, you can ask for (a) a remedy for the defect, or (b) the supply of a replacement, if this is possible and will not inflict undue selling costs.

6.6 If we are unable to remedy the defect in the product or deliver a replacement or if such replacement is not succeful, you may select the option to cancel the order or request a price reduction.

7. USE

7.1 Exquisite Liquids assumes no responsibility for claims made as a result of (a) non-intended use or handling of the product, (b) used in combination with accessories for which the product is not intended.

The buyer is made aware that even small errors in the handling of the products can destroy these or permanently reduce their utility, in which case the seller is not responsible.

Have into account that if the application is not presented correctly, it could imply a risk for you.

7.2 The buyer is familiar with the fact that the juices purchased from Exquisite Liquids are not intended for ingestion, and that this can be seriously harmful. The buyer must therefore store the acquired liquids inaccessible to children and pets, and generally for people who do not know their correct application. Seller bears no responsibility for improper use of the liquids.

7.3 Buyer is made aware that the electrical components including batteries acquired at Exquisite Liquids can overheat when connected to power and therefore cause excessive heat and fire. Therefore it must not be left unattended at power or placed near flammable effects, and the buyer is responsible for any damages which may arise in this regard.

7.4 The purchaser is aware that in some cases Exquisite Liquids products are not of a very long durability and get impared/ lose their functionality and break, and must therefore be replaced. With a thoughtful and careful treatment their life is extended considerably, however, unexperienced users must be aware that they may need more frequent replacements and the seller is not responsible.

Note that personal vaporizers can have a limited life and wearing parts are therefore not covered by the standard warranty of 2 years (as for instance, tires and shoe soles).

Battery, atomizer and cartridges will be decomposed by use and will need replacement of the wearing parts.

Exquisite Liquids informs that some e-juice can attack liquid containers (atomizers, clearomizers, etc.) and makes no warranty on any failure or harm on those the consumer has filled up with the e-juice. This applies even if the eliquids have been obtained from Exquisite Liquids, since Exquisite Liquids is not responsible for any harms associated with this use.


Exquisite Liquids is not responsible for any failure or delay in the performance of the contract if and to the extent that such failure or delay is directly or indirectly caused by circumstances which are beyond Exquisite Liquids reasonable control and could not have been avoided by taking reasonable precautions.

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